Invoice via BEAstportal

BEAstportal is the name of the invoice portal for the entire construction industry that became operational on September 1, 2010. As a supplier, you can now also send web invoices to NCC.

BEAstportal was developed within the BEAst network, in which some 40 companies and organizations from the construction industry were participants. NCC drove this development together with Beijer, Peab and Skanska.

Although the primary target group for BEAstportal comprises suppliers who send a few invoices per year, experience shows that suppliers with larger volumes also recognize the considerable benefits generated by web invoicing.

"For suppliers, it is reassuring to know that the invoice is correct from the start, thus reducing the handling of returns both for us and suppliers", says Ulf Larsson, project manager at NCC and Board representative in BEAst.

Sending a web invoice is free, and getting started is simple. After registration, invoices can be created in a web format and sent to all NCC companies in Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

"We now hope that those suppliers that are not able to send e-invoices will see the advantages of sending web invoices to us instead of paper invoices," concludes Ulf Larsson.