Our View on Sponsorship

In our sponsorship, we focus on carefully selected, long-term partnerships. Our objective is that sponsoring benefits both parties and together we can produce unique experiences for our stakeholders. Our values are honesty, respect, trust and a pioneering spirit. Values we would like to be reflected in all our activities.

We chose to have one unified direction for sponsorships in the NCC Group with the ambition to focus on a few, by us defined, activities and areas. The activities we support should enhance and strengthen competence, environment, health and safety.

NCC avoids:

  • Anything associated with danger or violence
  • Political or religious groups
  • Activities which clearly damage the environment
  • Anything linked with tobacco and alcohol
  • Passive and routine donations

In accordance with NCC’s Code of Conduct, we never enter a cooperation to replace payments of our services or to give NCC an advantage in the procurement of business.

Application for sponsorship

Do you wish to contact NCC to present a project or proposal for cooperation? We wish your written application by email: sponsring@ncc.se