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Here at NCC, we want to light up Christmas for those who need it most by donating a million kronor to humanitarian projects that are close to our hearts. And we do this instead of sending Christmas cards and presents to customers and employees.

So what is this year’s Christmas gift? This time around, we’ve selected three organizations that work tirelessly every day to improve the health, wellbeing and education of refugees and people living in terrible poverty. We’ve chosen three projects in different parts of the world, all of which use their knowledge and expertise to improve living standards for as many people as they can.

In the run-up to Christmas, NCC’s employees and customers has voted for the organization that truly melts their heart. The organization that lies closest to our hearts will receive 500,000 kronor and the two others will each receive 250,000 kronor.

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Find out more about the organizations that we nominated for 2017:

UNICEF’s work in Timor-Leste

Many of the health clinics in Timor-Leste are in alarmingly poor condition. The donation from NCC will support UNICEF’s work on upgrading and improving 30 health centers across the country in order to provide people with fundamental health care.

Read more about UNICEF's work on our blog (in Swedish)

Plan International’s work in Guatemala

Many girls in Guatemala have limited access to education. The donation from NCC will enable Plan International to provide education at 32 elementary schools in Guatemala for one year, including school fees, materials, transport and uniforms.

Read more about Plan International's work on our blog (in Swedish)

The work of Doctors Without Borders in Lebanon

More than 1.5 million refugees from Syria have made their way to Lebanon in recent years and many live in miserable conditions. The donation from NCC will enable Doctors Without Borders to provide refugees with health care and treatment for diseases, injuries and trauma, as well as run maternity care and children’s clinics.

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The work that all the organizations do is absolutely heartwarming. We hope that our involvement will also inspire more people to donate to these and other deserving causes.

Would you like to see where our previous Christmas donations went? On our blog, last year’s recipients of the Christmas donation describe in their own words how they put our Christmas gift to good use. (in Swedish)

Hand in Hand
Engineers Without Borders
Projects in Mutomo

Listen to Christina Lindbäck, SVP Corporate Sustainability, as she reflects on NCC’s Christmas donation and other collaborations that give everyone at NCC even more reason to look forward to the festive season – because we’re in a position to do something for those who have so much tougher lives than us. This film is about lighting candles and giving hope. We want to inspire more people to do something for those who have nothing.