About sponsorship

Sponsorship is part of our total market communication and aim to contribute building the NCC brand and convey our position as a company Beyond construction.

To us this means that we, in our sponsorship have a perspective beyond the construction of a road, the house, swimming pool, office or a bridge.

We look at society and constructions from a human angle and how to solve human problems in everyday life. Our ambition is to act where we operate and we always try to contribute with our expertise wherever possible. We want to make a difference and drive initiatives with the help of our employees and partners.

By doing this, we are building more than houses, swimming pools, offices and bridges. We simply see sponsorship as a way for us to contribute to positive solutions and create social benefit.

Current sponsorship program

Our ambition is to have a few long term sponsorships and we develop concepts that enable us to integrate our sponsorships and activities so they become local and relevant for our stakeholders.

We wish to be a forerunner in sustainable development and a responsible corporate citizen. That's why children and the youth as well as social responsibility occupy a central position in our sponsorship program.

Our current program includes the following sponsorships and concepts:

Math Center


Children’s construction school

Inspiration activities for youths

Jennifer Carlsson
Jennifer Carlsson

Head of Brand and Marketing, NCC Group, Communication Manager, NCC Property Development