Aggregates – a valuable gift from nature

Rock has been used as a building material since the stone age in the form of stone walls, burial mounds and rune stones. Still today, this material is used in the construction and civil engineering industry in a number of different areas of application. In a somewhat refined form, aggregate is also used by industrial customers and consumers.

The NCC organization includes quarry operations. In the Nordic market, these operations comprise around 210 facilities. Focus is on it being easy to visit us and, to make it easy for our customers and to reduce unnecessary transportation, these facilities are distributed over a number of strategic locations.

Our customers operate in several different industries and we strive to be sensitive to their specific needs at the same time as we focus on sustainability in everything we do.

As a customer of Stenmaterial at NCC, you can always expect high quality and expertise, delivery reliability and a sustainability focus through, for example, biological diversity. We offer a number of different products, such as ungraded crushed rock, natural sand and recycled material spread over all of our facilities. We offer services, such as logistics and transportation planning alongside of a customer web where our customers can retrieve information about their purchases. We also offer a number of different concepts, such as Dantonit, airport sand, EPDs and sales in large sacks.

It is our obligation to post-treat the quarries and insofar as possible, we provide added value of benefit to the community in connection with the post-treatment. For example, we have created outdoor areas, amphitheaters, swimming lakes and natural environments that benefit biodiversity.

NCC Recycling – Completing the Ecocycle

We take recycling seriously. Companies can recycle their waste at our terminals and buy recycled material from our quarries. Feel free to ask us about recycling as we have specialist expertise in the area and offer advice!

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Kenneth Johansson, Division Manager Roads, NCC Industry. Photo/illustration: Jenny Gaulitz
Kenneth Johansson

Division Manager Roads, NCC Industry