Long experience in slip form

Interform was purchased by NCC Construction in 2006. We currently have approx. 20 employees, with production, warehouse and administration based at Skytta, north of Oslo.

Our employees have long experience of slip form and will be an important resource at construction sites. Our contracts normally include project planning and delivery of the slip form, hire of slip equipment, assembly of concrete form and equipment, operation of the actual slip-form system, and disassembly. Any guidance required at the construction site is also included.

With 40 years’ experience in the sector, we can also make an important contribution at an early phase of the project, and our know-how extends beyond the actual slip-form operation. Interform can provide valuable input for design, project planning and scheduling, as well as in the construction period itself.

Areas of expertise

Our primary field is project planning, assembly and operation of slip-form systems. In other words, we operate as a subcontractor with the main contractor being responsible for concrete casting and reinforcement. In some projects, we have also assumed responsibility for these tasks in terms of staffing and execution. This is something that has to be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Based on our many years’ experience and expertise, we can also make a valuable contribution to the project planning and execution of both specialist formwork and climbing formwork.

In addition, we have the knowledge and equipment needed to take on work in the heavylift segment, for example turbines for wind farms, bridge sections, heavy roof constructions, etc.

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