NCC in Russia

NCC Industry started it’s business in S:t Petersburg in 1998 and the first asphalt plant was opened in 1999. A second plant was opened in 2003. During some periods, ready mixed concrete and paving was part of the business offerings, but today focus is on production of asphalt.

The yearly production in average amounts to approximately 400 000 tons, which makes NCC Industry one of the top three producers in the S:t Petersburg area, well known for it’s quality, skilled co-workers, special products and ability to deliver in time.

Our organisation in Russia

Our organisation
Head Office Russia

NCC Roads Ltd.

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Shturmanskaya str. 7, bld. 3, lit.A, RU-196210 ST PETERSBURG

Hans Säll_NCC40652
Hans Säll

Business Development, NCC Infrastructure

Anastasia Nekrasova

Area Manager at Head Office in S:t Petersburg, NCC in Russia