Board of Directors at NCC

NCC’s Board of Directors comprises six members elected by the Annual General Meeting. The Board also includes three members with deputy Board members who represent the employees. The members of the Board are elected for a period of one year. The Board’s work focuses primarily on strategic issues, business plans, the financial statements, major investments, plus other decisions that, in accordance with NCC’s decision-making procedures, have to be addressed by the Board.

Tomas Billing


Born 1963. Board member since 1999 and Chairman since 2001.

President of Nordstjernan AB. Chairman of the Board of Nobia. Board member of BiJaKa AB and Parkinson Research Foundation. Previous experience includes President of Hufvudstaden AB and Monark Bodyguard AB.

Viveca Ax:son Johnson

Board member

Born 1963. Board member since 2014.

Chairman of the Board of Nordstjernan AB, the Axel and Margaret Ax:son Johnson Foundation for Public Benefit and FPG Media AB. Board member of Bonava AB, Rosti Group AB and the Axel and Margaret Ax:son Johnson Foundation. Previous experience: Deputy Chairman of Nordstjernan,1997–2007, Chairman since 2007, as well as various positions in the Nordstjernan Group.

Geir Magne Aarstad

Board member

Born: 1960. Board member since 2017.

Since 2011, he has been Chairman and partner of GRAA AS. Geir has 30 years of experience of the construction industry, including as CEO of AL Rahhi Contracting Company Ltd (Saudi Arabia) 2009-2011, CEO of Skanska Norway (2004-2009) and Regional Head of Skanska Norway (2001-2004).

Ulla Litzén

Board member

Born 1956. Board member since 2008.

Board member of Alfa Laval AB, Boliden AB, AB Electrolux, Husqvarna AB and Ratos AB. Previous experience: President of W Capital Management AB (2001– 2005) and Vice President of Investor AB (1996–2001), among other positions.

Birgit Nørgaard

Born 1958. Boardmember since 2017.

Deputy Chairman of the Board of NNE Pharmaplan A/S, Danish State’s ÍT Project Committee and Danish Growth Capital 1. Member of the Board of DVS A/S, IMI Plc, WSP Global Inc., Cobham Plc, RGS 90 A/S and Danish Growth Capital II. Nørgaard has occupied a number of senior positions in several industries, including as CEO of Carl Bro A/S (2003-2010), COO of Grontmij NV (2006-2010) and CFO and COO of Danisco Distillers A/S (1993-2000).

Mats Jönsson

Board member

Born 1957. Board member since 2017.

Chairman of the Board of Logent and Member of the Board of Coor and Infratek. Mats has extensive experience from both the construction and service management industries, in positions including CEO of Coor Service Management (2004-2013), Business Unit Manager of Skanska Services (2000-2004) and Division Manager of Skanska Sweden (1998-2000).

Carina Edblad

Board member

Born 1963. Board member since 2014.

Board member since 2014. CEO of Thomas Betong AB. Board member of Hifab Group AB and Svensk Betong. Previous experience: 25 years of experience from Skanska AB, where she was Line Manager and Chief of Staff in various operations in the Nordic region.

Lars Bergqvist

Employee representative. Board member

Born 1951. Construction engineer. Board member since 1991. Employed since 1975.

Shop steward at NCC. Employee representative of Ledarna (Swedish Association of Supervisors). Other assignments: President of Byggcheferna (union of construction managers).

Karl G Sivertsson

Board member

Born 1961. Carpenter and crane operator. Board member since 2010. Employed since 1981.

Shop steward at NCC. Employee representative of Svenska Byggnadsarbetareförbundet. Other assignments: Board member of Svenska Byggnadsarbetareförbundet, Central Norrland Region, and deputy member of Federation Board of Svenska Byggnadsarbetareförbundet.

Karl-Johan Andersson

Board member

Born 1964. Paver. Board member since 2011. Employed since 1984.

Shop steward at NCC. Employee representative of SEKO (Union for Employees in the Service and Communication Sectors). Other assignments: Member of SEKO’s Road and Rail Department in Skåne. Senior shop steward of the paving section in Skåne.

Bengt Göransson

Employee representative of Unionen

Born 1959. installation Manager. Deputy Board member since 2017.

Employee representative of Unionen.

Mats Johansson

Deputy board member

Born 1955. Carpenter. Deputy Board member since 2011. Employed since 1977.

Construction carpenter and shop steward at NCC, as well as chief safety officer. Employee representative of Svenska Byggnadsarbetareförbundet (Swedish Building Workers Union). Other assignments: Deputy Chairman and Board member of AB Ronneby Industrifastigheter, Byggnadsarbetareförbundet in the Småland/Blekinge region.

Håkan Broman

Secretary / General Counsel

Born 1962. General Counsel at NCC AB. NCC AB’s Board Secretary since 2009.